Newly Certified? Tips for Choosing Your Next Diving Destination

Since the early 90s, Chris, the owner of Simply Scuba Pte Ltd has been teaching full time sports diving, so when it comes to advising newly certified divers, he is an expert!

At Simply Scuba we recognise that newly certified divers often have different needs to seasoned divers and we aim to adopt an attitude of encouragement to all new divers. We want you to continue diving and to love it as much as we do! Of course, this is only possible if you feel comfortable underwater and that depends on many factors. Some of the factors include your confidence level, the standard of your initial training, physical ability, equipment and, of course, the location you choose.

Did you know that the Tioman Island offer phenomenal diving which couldn’t be better suited to newly certified divers? One of the benefits of diving in Tioman is that it is within such easy reach of Singapore – so easy that we actually make weekend dive trips there. Our weekend trips mean that you can enjoy a weekend of incredible diving without needing to take time away from the office.

Tioman’s dive sites and our expert team will give you the right environment to develop your skills while building your confidence and having a lot of fun too. Tioman offers a variety of sites, with diverse coral reefs and marine life so you’re bound to see something interesting on every dive!

Another highlight of Tioman is that we are able to offer the PADI Advanced Open Water Course here too for those who want to develop their skill set and try different types of diving – you’ll also get certified to dive to 30 meters. The course can also be completed during a weekend trip (plus some study time in Singapore) so you’ll have an unforgettable weekend, earn your next level of PADI certification and need to take zero time away from your work or studies. If you’re not ready to commit to the full Advanced Open Water Course yet, you can also complete individual PADI Adventure Dives during your trip with us.

Are you planning a longer trip? Do you want to explore overseas destinations? Did you know that at Simply Scuba we offer a range of dive trips to a wide range of destinations including Bali, Philippines, Manado, Palau, liveaboard options and many more! For more information, check out our trips page by clicking here.

Newly certified divers are welcome to contact us at any time to ask for more information or advice – or feel free to call in and see us in Singapore. If you’d like to contact us or make a reservation, you can do so by clicking here.

Chris say’s, “Live the life of a scuba diver I say, you never know what that path will lead you to. For many that I know, they are still diving and enjoying themselves way into their 60s, it has become a part of themselves”.

We hope that by making the right choices as a newly certified diver the same will happen for you!




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