Lock downs. No move orders. Covid 19. Masks. Fines and penalties, the list goes on. These are things we see and read about on a daily basis on social media, the news and topics friends and family are talking about. Depressing? Yes. But it is also reality in most parts of the world for an indefinate period of time. Till the measures are either eased up or lifted, we can’t really do much at home. Those who are in essential services will still go to work, for the rest of us, it is “stay home for now”. Besides the occational exercise outside, most people are staying at home, watching Netflix, movies, reading and of course taking this time to improve themselves in any way they can, by literature, mental or physical, not forgetting lots and lots of quality family time.

Although now is not the time to splurge, I believe as humans, we need to always look for something new to do or learn, boredom can also be an issue. This small amount will also not break your bank!

As I am running a dive school, needless to say, I am also encouraging those who have always wanted to learn SCUBA, or improve their dive knowledge, and did not have much time in the past, what better time than now? Of course, there is much to choose from, SCUBA is just one of them.

Please do note this also, there are other dive agencies / centres offering free online courses now, but on closer inspection, it is not 100% true…do check them out for yourselves, they are all over social media.

PADI is offering a special promotion of 25% off for some of their E learning courses. Why PADI you may ask? We are second to none and it is the most popular dive agency in the world…period.

You can choose to affiliate this programmes with any of the PADI dive centres here in Singapore, so not necessarily just with us, Simply Scuba. Some may choose a PADI dive centre that is closer to home or work, so when the time is right to do the required dives or confined water sessions, they are nearer to them. Some may also choose their favourite PADI dive centre or instructor. Whatever you decide, the good thing about PADI’s E learning portal is the fact that it is valid indefinately, it comes in many major languages and it is multi media.

Below are just some of the more popular online courses that are offered at discounted prices now.

Open Water Course.

Advance Open Water Course.

Rescue Diver Course.

Dive Master Course.

Enriched Air Diver.

Digital Underwater Photography.

Scuba Tune Up.

Needless to say, those courses that requires practical training, when the time is right, you may choose to finish them in Tioman Malaysia or in Hantu island in Singapore with any PADI dive centre. Tioman season for us ends before December 2020, reopens again March 2021, Singapore waters is all year round.

For PADI Instructor Development Courses, please do cantact us directly.

For further information about PADI’s E learning and practical sessions for the individual courses, we can be reached at chris@simplyscuba.com.sg and (65) 93876383.

Yours In Diving.

Christopher Lee.

PADI Course Director.

Simply Scuba Private Limited.